June 27, 2016

hungry shark world tips

After the excessive popularity of the game Hungry Shark Evolution, people like me were waiting to get a sequel of the same. At last Future Games of London has launched it and we, the fan of these ferocious creatures of underwater, get the chance to play with them again in the virtual world. This latest version is launched in 5th May 2016 and since then I become a fan of this newer edition. This newer version has excellent graphics style that has a more cartoonist effect. But what I love most about this game is the new species of sharks that make the game more challenging and adventures for me.

Now there are three big oceans where these beautiful sea creatures can roam in search of foods. There are aquatic creatures as well as non-aquatic creatures that can be the food of these hungry sharks. I love the game when I see the Sharks that can be found in the real life too. For example, there is hammerhead or Dunkleosteus that can be found in the real oceans too. That means they are not anymore the imagination of the game developers. They are very much real and ready to eat whatever they find on their way.

In the game, you will have gems and coins to earn, those gems and coins can be earned by completing daily challenges in hungry shark world, every daily challenge will give you rewards in the form of gems and coins in the game, those resources can be used to upgrade your shark or purchase new accessories for your shark, you can even purchase new sharks from the store to make more fun. if you wish you can buy those resources from the game developers directly or you can get them free from online websites, but it is very risky as most of the sites have fake codes to redeem in the game. If you still want to try them then you can simply search for Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Tool on google and it will show you tons of results of those sites.

Coming back to the point of graphics, I wish to add that when I used to play Hungry Shark Evolution, I have found the graphics impressive. But this time, it is much better than that. The sea creatures look more vibrant than the previous version. The life under the water seems more colorful and realistic with this brilliant work of graphics. The sound effect is highly compatible with those visuals. However, to enjoy this superior graphics and sound effect you need to have Android device with 4.2 Jelly Bean or above. The devices with a lower version of OS cannot support this game.

When I first started playing this game, I feel great because I have three huge underwater worlds to explore. There are Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. There is Pacific Island, which is a popular tourist spot. Then there is a frozen wasteland with a secret military base. The most vibrant part is the Arabian Sea with a rich and vibrant landscape. The players can explore all these areas with the help of 20 separate types of missions. There are missions like survival, prey hunts or high scores where I get the chance to participate and feed my hungry shark.

The game offers my 100 different types of preys that I can consume as a shark. However, I can consider them as my enemies as well because my shark can become their prey at any time if I do not pay enough attention towards the game. There are submarines, whales, other sea creatures, local humans that can be the prey of the shark. At the same time, the shark needs to conscious about them and keep itself safe from their attacks. Personally, I do not prefer to equip my shark with some unnecessary and ornamental elements. Rather, I pay more attention in increasing its speed and capacity of eating by earning as many coins as possible.


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